Thursday, December 5, 2019

Chula Vista - Southwestern College - Librarian


Initial placement - $58,101.00-$87,423.00 per year

Close Date

11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 10, 2020


Southwestern Community College District (SCCD) is seeking a full-time, tenure track, equity-focused faculty member committed to serving its culturally diverse student population.

Southwestern Community College District seeks faculty who will foster an inclusive learning environment through equity-minded teaching, leadership, and service to students working toward goals of university transfer, associate degree and certificate completion, employment advancement, and personal growth.


Southwestern Community College District is a single college district providing higher education in Chula Vista, San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, National City and Coronado. SCCD’s strategic south San Diego County locations position the College to provide exceptional service to a binational community on the U.S.-Mexico International Border. SCCD is one of 20 initial California Guided Pathways colleges and is known for its excellent learning communities. As a designated Hispanic Serving Institution, the College values equity, inclusion, and culturally responsive andragogy for all students.

The College is dedicated to providing quality academic programs, comprehensive student support services that ensure equitable access, and clear pathways to student success. These efforts include professional development opportunities, employee-led affinity groups, proud commitment to DACA students, and supportive employee onboarding practices.


Southwestern Community College District currently enrolls approximately 28,000 students annually. SCCD is comprised of 69% Hispanic students, 10% Caucasian students, 8% Filipino students, 5% African American students, and 3% Asian students. Approximately 63% of the College’s students are under the age of 24 with 23% between the ages 25-39. Our students’ gender demographics are represented by 55% female and 44% male.


We value the ability to serve students from a broad range of cultural heritages, academic backgrounds, genders, abilities, and orientations. We seek applicants who demonstrate they understand the benefits diversity brings to a professional educational community. Successful candidates will be expected to exhibit responsiveness and sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, cultural, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, religious, and ethnic and racial backgrounds of community college students and employees, and successfully foster and support an inclusive educational and employment environment. An equity-minded individual is a person who already does or has demonstrated the desire to:

1. Critically self-assess their individual impact, through teaching practices and student engagement, on closing equity gaps and holds themselves accountable to upholding and delivering equitable practices.
2. Reframe deficit language and take individual and collective responsibility to look at their own practices as a vehicle to eliminate inequities.
3. Encourage positive race-consciousness and embrace human differences.
4. Strategically encourage and build buy-in and participation among colleagues for equity efforts.
Southwestern Community College District seeks faculty who value mentorship and working in a collegial, collaborative environment, guided by a commitment to helping all students achieve their educational goals.


Under the direction of the Dean of Instructional Support Services and in collaboration with the Library Department Chair, the librarians are responsible for providing services such as reference, instruction, collection development, technical services, and outreach.

Knowledge & Abilities:

1. Subject matter preparation:
a. Experience in teaching general education/non-major, general information competence.
b. Experience developing and teaching inquiry and research based labs.

2. Evidence of outstanding ability as a faculty member
a. Understanding of, the role and purpose of the community college.
b. Ability to evaluate one’s andragogy and its effectiveness in facilitating student learning.
c. Ability to use teaching methods that engage racially, ethnically, academically, and culturally diverse students; promote critical thinking and emphasize cooperation and collaboration.
d. Sensitivity to, and respect for a rich and diverse academic environment, inclusive of students, faculty, and staff of varying social, economic, cultural, ideological and ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities.
e. Commitment to collegiality and collaboration by working as a team with faculty and staff enhancing instruction, curriculum, and student success; as well as in the planning of class schedules and teaching rotations.
f. Knowledge and practice of culturally responsive pedagogy and andragogy that supports student-centered, self-reflective, and student-capable approaches which includes a wide range of institutional delivery systems.
g. Ability to teach online courses effectively.
h. Commitment to professional responsibilities and associations outside of the classroom through contributions to the department, division and college activities.

Education & Experience:

Minimum Qualifications (Faculty and Academic Administrator Positions Only)
Master’s Degree in Library Science, or Library and Information Science
the equivalent
a valid California Community College Instructor Credential in Library Science.

Desired Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following desired qualifications:
1. Commitment and success working in a diverse and multicultural community.
2. Experience and expertise in culturally responsive teaching in the discipline.
3. Experience and ability to address equity gaps within the discipline in the classroom.
4. Knowledge of what is means to work in a designated Hispanic-Serving Institution in regards to institutional, department and instructional practices.
5. Master’s degree from an American Library Association (ALA) accredited school.
6. Experience in general areas of librarianship such as reference, and public services, instruction, outreach, and collection development.
7. Strong interpersonal skills including the ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with students, faculty, staff and administrators.
8. Ability to work collaboratively with all librarians and staff.
9. Ability to be flexible with work assignments and scheduling.
10. Experience working with and assisting in the use of integrated library systems and academic electronic library resources.
11. Knowledge of or experience in the management or coordination of academic electronic library resources.
12. Knowledge of current teaching pedagogies and experience designing and implementing active learning activities.
13. Experience or interest in developing programs and materials to support the needs of students including first-year experience, first-generation, distance learners, and disproportionately impacted groups.
14. Familiarity with SB 1359 and the role of the library in Open Education Resources (OER)
15. Experience or interest in promoting libraries through social media, integrating library resources in learning management platforms, and creating media and resources to facilitate library access.
16. Familiarity using technology in the teaching environment, including course management systems such as Canvas.
17. Bilingual English/Spanish.

Candidates must exhibit an appreciation of, a sensitivity to, and respect for a rich and diverse academic environment, inclusive of students, faculty, and staff of varying social, economic, cultural, ideological and ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities. Experience working in a community with a similar diversity pattern as is found in the service area for Southwestern College is desirable.

Licenses and Other Requirements:

A short teaching demonstration may be required of those invited for an interview.

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