Thursday, February 3, 2011

Assistant Professor/Librarian (Electronic Services/Reference)

Job Title: Assistant Professor/Librarian (Electronic Services/Reference)
Req: AC11-0203
Location: Santa Ana College
Department: Library Services
Position Type: Faculty
Posting Close Date: 02/24/2011

Job Description:

* Manage the library's online presence, library website, online databases and digital resources.
* Provide library reference and information assistance to students, faculty, staff and community member.
* Conduct library instruction classes.
* Act as a liaison with faculty on the selection of materials; recommend purchase of library resources that support and
enrich the curriculum.
* Keep abreast of developments in library science, learning resources and information technology fields.
* Actively participate in staff, faculty, committee and professional meetings.
* Active involvement in shared governance.
* Participate in a team environment with a commitment to service excellence.
* Participate in the development of library policies and procedures.
* Perform other library related duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications:
Minimum Qualifications (Applicants must meet one of the following):
Possess from an accredited institution: A master's degree in library science, or library and information science, OR
Possess a valid California Community College credential authorizing service in the discipline, OR
The equivalent (applicants who do not meet the above minimum qualifications must complete the Equivalencies Section in the
application form and provide conclusive evidence of such).

Desirable Qualifications

* Demonstrated leadership and experience with electronic services, web applications and management.
* Knowledge of web development tools and ability to design and manage web site information and create dynamic web pages.
* A working knowledge of and experience with reference services, preferably in an academic setting.
* Experience conducting library instruction.
* Evidence of sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic
backgrounds of community college students.
* Ability to work effectively with students, faculty, and staff.
* Willingness to participate in shared governance.
* Strong public service orientation.
* Evidence of strong written and oral communication skills.
* Ability to meet deadlines for assigned reports and activities.
* Experience in teaching students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and widely varying levels of proficiency preferred.
* A working knowledge of, and experience with, student learning outcomes and assessment.

Please upload the following required materials with your online application:
Resume, Unofficial transcripts (showing that the minimum qualifications are met)

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