Friday, February 25, 2011

Business Researcher (virtual remote)

Date Posted: 2/23/2011

LAC Group is seeking an experienced Business Researcher who can work virtually (off-site telecommuting) for our client, a large corporation needing support in the form of as-needed, on-demand business research services. Our virtual Business Researcher will perform duties that support our client’s internal information and knowledge group, sales group, and other business units. This temporary position is expected to last through the remainder of 2011.

• Perform secondary research and compile profiles on target companies in order to support Client’s sales efforts

• Perform other complex secondary research in response to requests from Client which may include business or other forms of secondary research

• Perform all research services remotely (off-site)

• Perform services on an as-needed basis — generally part-time work during business hours, with some potential flexibility

• Other research-related duties as needed


• Extensive and previous experience in the areas of competitive intelligence, business research or other forms of secondary research

• Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a remote/virtual situation

• Ability to work part-time on an as-needed basis during the business week

• Ability to provide prompt and comprehensive service to requests from Client

• In-depth knowledge and experience in the use of business databases for research purposes

• Excellent communication skills; follow-through; reliability; professional work habits

• Must be proficient in office technology including communication-based technology such as instant message, email, and so forth

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