Friday, August 3, 2012

University of California, Davis - Asst./Associate Librarian (Library Field Trainer)

The Library Field Trainer is responsible for developing an outreach and implementation plan for the dissemination of eHealth information and resources on consumer health promotion and wellness for library staff primarily in rural locations. In this role, the incumbent develops an action plan for implementing on-site eHealth training for library staff, and reports on progress relating to these activities. This includes analyzing existing eHealth training resources and tailoring those resources to meet the specific training and educational needs of rural and urban library staff; providing on-site trainings and assistance to library staff, primarily in rural areas, to increase library staff knowledge and ability to provide reliable internet-based information and resources on consumer health promotion and wellness; exhibiting and demonstrating health information resources as appropriate to improve access to eHealth resources; and collaborating with regional rural libraries to improve consumer access and understanding of eHealth information resources. The incumbent works with the Principal Investigator and BTOP management team and assists with regional outreach as needed. Must be able to work extra hours (nights and weekends) on occasion if important development is behind schedule or the correction of problems considered critical. A valid California Driver?s License and ability to travel throughout the state and spend significant time in the field is required. Required Qualifications:
? Two years experience as a Medical Librarian, Health Reference Librarian or related field.
? Extensive experience developing and conducting trainings for library staff.
? Ability to work with local library staff to identify specific health information needs of the community
? Familiarity with issues faced by rural public libraries
? Ability to work cooperatively and collegially within a diverse environment.
? Ability to integrate the understanding of UCD/UCDHS?s mission, commitments and projects within a service-oriented health care environment.
? Interpersonal and leadership abilities to quickly ascertain group dynamics and organizational issues and respond appropriately and effectively
? Excellent oral and written communication skills required to prepare and conduct trainings and presentations and to communicate effectively with library staff

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