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Claremont - Claremont University Consortium - Assessment Librarian

Assessment Librarian
Claremont University Consortium

Position Title
Assessment Librarian
Position Number
The Claremont Colleges Library
Full-Time, Part-Time
Full Time
Months per year
Physical Class
Twenty pounds or less

Assessment and Planning (75%):

   Provides leadership in the design of conceptual frameworks appropriate to outcomes assessment of multiple and diverse library services, programs, and projects
   Collaborates with librarians and staff across the organization to design and implement assessment initiatives
   Leads the library’s statistical gathering and reporting process for submission to professional organizations such as the American Library Association (ALA) and the Oberlin Group
   Coordinates the collection of data necessary for the assessment of library services, including construction of questionnaires and surveys, and the collection of ethnographic data
   Leads the development and coordination of assessment processes – such as environmental scans and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges (SWOC) analyses – to facilitate the collection, compilation, and evaluation of statistical data in order to facilitate strategic planning
   Creates measures of success and oversees the development, collection, and evaluation of metrics designed to evaluate the success of the library’s strategic plans
   Leads the library’s support for TCC in their Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation activities; collaborates closely with the colleges’ assessment officers to support their programs
   Works closely with the dean and other library administrators to channel the knowledge gained through assessment into library strategic planning, decision-making, goal-setting, and sustainability
   Analyzes data and communicates through publications, presentations, reports, and the library’s website, findings and initiatives resulting from assessment activities to demonstrate the library’s performance, effectiveness, value, and return on investment (ROI)
   Develops benchmarks and identifies peers against which the library will assess its information resources, services, and programs
   Explores trends and innovations in assessment and considers how they might be applied within the library
   Chairs the LAT; composed of members from throughout the library. The LAT advances the goals of the library’s strategic plan by coordinating and monitoring assessment activities; works with library constituents to develop creative assessment methodologies for complex programs and services; draws attention to broader TCC initiatives that should include library participation and benefit the organization; develops a data dashboard for the library; builds, maintains, and makes available to campus and library constituents a data repository; intensifies library collaboration with assessment officers from TCC; and monitors and reports on library assessment plans
   Working closely with the dean and other members of the library leadership team, manages a research agenda for the library based on an investigation of the library’s provision of value and ROI to TCC in the key areas of student recruitment, student retention, student excellence and success, faculty recruitment and retention, faculty teaching and research, grant success, and the distinction of the individual colleges and of the consortium as a whole
   Participates in the assessment of student learning and evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the library’s IL program; collaborates with the Instructional Design & Technology Librarian to develop assessment methods for IL instruction and assists librarians and faculty in the development of programmatic assessment models that measure the impact of IL instruction on student learning
   Engages in research and produces presentations and publications in the field of library assessment and planning
   Encourages others within the library to engage in assessment-based research and publication

Liaison Librarianship (25%):

Engagement in public services and other library operations and activities informs, supports, and furthers the position’s leadership role in assessment and planning
   Participates in the Campus Liaison librarian program as a member of the Research, Teaching and Learning Services (RTLS) division and provides additional outreach services to TCC faculty and students
   Provides general and specialized reference services in person, via electronic or digital means, and in individual research consultations
   Teaches general and subject-specific IL classes, develops instructional tools, and prepares teaching materials in print and online
   Serves as a subject specialist to faculty and students in specific academic disciplines and subject areas
   Serves as a member of a Campus Liaison team to one or more of TCC
   Engages in selection and other information resources’ development and management activities
Participates in library-wide activities by leading and serving on teams, committees, and task forces
   Stays abreast of new trends in librarianship through participation in professional organizations, workshops, conferences, and staff development activities
   Performs related public services duties and undertakes special projects as assigned.


   Demonstrated knowledge of assessment and planning strategies, tools, and techniques
   Demonstrated experience with gathering, analyzing, managing, archiving, reporting, and presenting statistical data
   Experience in successfully leading assessment and planning activities in a team context
Ability to create and support a culture of planning and assessment that understands the importance and value of data-driven, evidence-based, decision-making
   Ability to manage a research agenda for the organization based on assessment and planning
Experience with supporting accreditation efforts in higher education and interacting with organizations such as WASC
   Close knowledge of current, new, and emerging technologies and their application to academic library collections and services
   Deep knowledge of print and electronic reference sources
   Excellent oral and written communication skills
   Outstanding teaching and public presentation skills
   Demonstrated knowledge of student learning outcome assessment as it applies to IL instruction
   Demonstrated ability to build collaborative, effective working relationships within the library, with the Claremont University Consortium and TCC, and with external constituencies
   Advanced web searching skills; ability to create and manage web pages
   Demonstrated expertise in office productivity software
   Ability to work in a networked environment
   Knowledge of or willingness and ability to learn project management software
   Outstanding organizational and management skills
   Sound judgment and ability to work independently and set priorities
   Detail orientation, demonstrated capacity for carrying out tasks in an accurate manner, and ability to check own work and that of others for accuracy
   Ability to interact sensitively and diplomatically with individuals from diverse backgrounds in a high traffic, public context
   Ability to remain productive in a sometimes ambiguous environment where competing demands vie for attention and priorities can change quickly. Skill in time management
   Ability to handle sensitive information and data with discretion and to maintain confidentiality
   Skill in recognizing, defining, and analyzing challenging situations and solving problems
   Ability to follow directions from supervisors and provide clear directions to staff and student employees
   Ability to initiate and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and other managers
   Ability to work harmoniously and as a team player, thrive in a team-based environment, and skill in fostering teamwork among others
   Close understanding of academic library operations and functions to be able to seek out needed information and to facilitate and coordinate collaboration across the organization

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