Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Library Technician - Galt, CA


Test date - 3-17-11 at the district office.

JOB TITLE: Library Technician


To perform a variety of duties involving circulation, reference, cataloging and record keeping activities within the school library facility, serve as a resource for available materials and supervise student assistants.



1. Performs a variety of technical and clerical duties involving circulation, reference, cataloging and record keeping in the library.
2. Provide technical support to students and staff on computerized resources, word processing applications and other various programs.
3. Provide and maintain AR support for students and staff.
4. Catalog all textbook materials including teacher resource materials.
5. Provide training and supervision for student assistants.
6. Maintain library in neat and orderly condition.
7. Maintain records and prepare reports regarding circulation, lost materials and media equipment.
8. Facilitate library use.
9. Provide information regarding library/media materials available, reference materials and library procedures.
10. Assist students and staff in material searches, book selections, reading lists and new publications.
11. Promote reading and library use through displays, bulletin boards and special encouragement activities such as reading contests.
12. Mend and recover books and magazines.
13. Order and process books, materials and supplies for the library.
14. Collect payments for lost/damaged books and materials.
15. Assist new incoming students with textbooks and enrollment in all computerized programs in the library.
16. Perform other duties similar to the above in scope and function as required and assigned.


Knowledge of:
- Terminology, purpose, operations and practice of a school library
- Cataloging procedures and methods
- Proper use of grammar, usage, vocabulary and spelling

- Development levels of school age children and age appropriate media materials
- Operation of a computer

Ability to:
- Learn proper library circulation, reference and retrieval methods and techniques;
- Perform specialized library work with speed and accuracy;
- Use standard office and library/media equipment;
- Perform minor repair work on library books and magazines;
- Perform mathematical calculations;
- Understand the use of computer search engines;
- Perform good organization skills;


- High school diploma or equivalent.
- Prior job related clerical experience with increasing levels of responsibility.
- Valid California Drivers License and evidence of insurance.
- TB test clearance.
- Criminal Justice fingerprint clearance.

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