Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Library Aide - Rocklin Unified School District

To perform a variety of technical and clerical duties involving circulation, reference, catalog, and record-keeping activities at a school site Library Media Center (LMC), assisting students and teachers in utilizing LMC resources, and supervising the work of students and/or volunteer assistants.


Circulates various books and media for the purpose of providing requested classroom reference materials.
Conducts programs in a variety of formats (e.g., story telling, puppet plays, etc.) for the purpose of promoting the use and enjoyment of literature.
Instructs students for the purpose of educating them on the proper use of the library resources (e.g., classification system, automated catalog program, care of materials, and other resources).
Inventories equipment and materials in library collection for the purpose of documenting losses and/or maintaining availability of materials.
Processes materials (e.g., books, periodicals, films, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining library collection controls.
Promotes library use related to special holidays, seasonal activities, etc. for the purpose of motivating students to use the library resources.
Assists teachers, students, and other personnel for the purpose of identifying resource materials for use in classroom and/or class assignments.
Participates in District meetings of library aides for the purpose of communicating information and gaining feedback and/or directions on a variety of issues.
Other duties as assigned.

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