Thursday, October 4, 2012

Santa Clara County - Deputy County Librarian

Knowledge of:
  • Library administration and organization;
  • Principles and practices of planning, organization and management techniques as applied to a modern public library system;
  • Principles of personnel, fiscal administration, supervision, and staff development;
  • Planning, organizing, supervising and evaluating intra-system library programs and policies and their relationship with community needs;
  • Principles and practices of librarianship including collection development, circulation, reference and reader advisory services.

    Ability to:
  • Plan, organize and direct comprehensive programs for providing library services;
  • Effectively supervise and train professional and non-professional personnel;
  • Analyze budgetary and staffing requirements and make recommendations;
  • Organize, analyze, and supervise comprehensive intra-system library programs and policies and recommend specific plans for modifying or extending library services;
  • Communicate effectively both in writing and verbally with individuals and groups;
  • Develop and maintain good relations with the public, library staff and community and government organizations.

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