Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pasadena - Fuller Theological Seminary - Director of the Library

Director of the Library

The Director is responsible for library strategic planning, administration and management of all operations of the David Allan Hubbard Library and Archives; ensuring that the holdings and technology of the library support the academic and research mission of the institution; developing the Library’s resources, budget, staff, and programs in response to a rapidly changing educational context; ongoing assessment of library programs and services; developing innovative library information technologies; participating in institutional governance and committee structures; forging strategic partnerships with external consortia and agencies; communicating and coordinating with campus programs and working with campus fund raising efforts.
The Director articulates a vision of the library’s future and provides leadership in the integration and use of information technologies, and guides the Library forward in the area of electronic and print resources and information management. Ongoing creative and service activity will be expected of the appointee.
The David Allan Hubbard Library and Archives supports faculty and students in pursuit of intellectual and employment success; it helps them find resources to better understand, discuss, and share their faith with the world. The Library and Archives serves Fuller’s cultural context by providing information for a more accurate understanding of the role of religion, especially of Evangelical Christian traditions, in the culture of the Pacific Rim. The Library and Archives develops partnerships with others seeking to preserve and disseminate theological, psychological, and missiological information around the world.
The Director holds a faculty appointment in the Administrative Faculty Series. Rank and tenure are negotiable based on the appointee’s present rank, qualifications, and experience.

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