Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Woodland – Library Technician – Woodland Joint Unified School District

Salary: $15.34 - $20.55 an hour
Closing Date:  2/17/17

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This is the first level in a library support career ladder. Incumbents at this level may support a Librarian or equivalent teacher and usually are assigned to an elementary or middle school. Advancement to the second level requires formal training sufficient to support higher levels of periodical and other research and instructional support.

• Assists Librarian and/or Teacher in the operation of a school Library.
• Assists students with use of the library. Assists them to find materials, teaches them to use resource guides. Teaches use of card catalogs and the Dewey Decimal System.
• Conducts in-service classes for students in areas such as general use of the library, including use of electronic media.
• Works with teachers or Librarian to select materials to support curriculum depending on age and grade level of students. Prepares purchase orders and other required paper work, routes for purchase.
• Receives new materials (books, media, textbooks or periodicals), enters into system, prepares for and enters into circulation (shelves).
• Develops and oversees various reading programs designed to stimulate student interest, ability and motivation in reading including story time, book talks or reading clubs.
• Assists in organizing and conducting periodic book fairs.
• Mends and repairs book and non-book materials. Disposes of damaged or outdated materials according to established procedures. Conducts annual physical inventory of all Library materials.
• Organizes and decorates library. Designs and constructs library displays, bulletin boards, posters and signs. Maintains a clean and orderly environment.
• Circulates, stores, inventories, maintains, performs minor repair and operates a variety of audiovisual equipment in support of library services.
• Orders books, magazines, and periodicals for library use within established parameters set by a Librarian.
• Follows-up on overdue materials.
• Performs routine clerical and record keeping duties.
• Performs other duties as required to accomplish the objectives of the position.


Knowledge and Skills: Requires specialized knowledge of basic library methods, practices and terminology including use of library card catalog and basic reference sources. Must understand the Dewey Decimal System of classification and the American Library Association rules for filing catalog cards. Must be familiar with automated carding systems and records. Requires sufficient communication skills in order to influence students reading habits and to interact with staff and teachers on administration of library programs. Must be able to organize and prioritize projects.

Abilities: Must be able to perform all of the duties of the position with only general supervision and support. Requires the ability to follow detailed procedures such as standard library cataloging and filing rules. Must be able to maintain a well organized and attractive library setting. Must be able to apply and explain library rules, regulations and policies. Must be able to monitor and maintain acceptable student behavior. Requires the ability to deal courteously with library patrons including students, teachers, parents and members of the public. Must be able to perform routine clerical and record keeping duties.

Physical Abilities: Requires sufficient visual acuity to recognize letters and numbers; hand-arm-eye coordination to use a personal computer keyboard; ambulatory ability to walk, move carts, and reach to shelves for placement of lightweight objects (less than 10 pounds); hearing and speech ability to carry on conversations in person and over the phone.

Education and Experience: High School diploma plus post high school library science curriculum or equivalent required. Minimum of three years of experience in a library or instructional setting required.

Licenses and Certificates: TB Test clearance, Criminal Justice Fingerprint clearance, and valid Driver’s license. Board Approved: April 13, 1999

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