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Davis Joint Unified School District - Montgomery Elementary - Library Technician I

Library Technician I

Davis Joint Unified School District

Date Posted: 8/26/2015

Contact: Teri Furlow 530-757-5300 106

Number Openings: (At time of posting) 1

Length of Work Year: School Year
Days/Hours: Tues. & Thurs. 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. & Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Employment Type: Part Time

Application Deadline: Until Filled

Salary: $14.64 - $18.68/hour

Site: Montgomery Elementary School

Summary :
  • Performs a variety of clerical and technical library duties in a school library. 
  • Distinguishing Characteristics  Requires the ability to orient groups of students and individuals to the library and to operate a library at times without immediate supervision.
  • Supports a Library Media Teacher at a school site. 
Essential Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Assists Library Media Teacher in the operation of a school library including but not limited to circulation, reference, periodicals, research, media, electronic media, and audiovisual equipment. 
  • Assists students and staff with use of the library including finding materials and using resource guides.
  • Assists with the use of computers and programs including library automation system and the Dewey Decimal System. 
  • Processes new materials (books, media, textbooks or periodicals), enters data into system, prepares for and enters into circulation (shelves), and distributes textbooks to staff and students. 
  • May assist with and oversee various reading programs and classes designed to stimulate student interest, ability and motivation in reading including book talks or reading clubs.  
  • May assist in organizing and conducting periodic book fairs. 
  • Circulates, stores, inventories, maintains, and performs minor repair for a variety of equipment in support of library services.
  • Mends and repairs book and non-book materials.
  • Disposes of damaged or outdated materials according to established procedures. 
  • Conducts annual physical inventory of all library materials. 
  • Assists in organizing and decorating library.
  • Assists with designing and constructing library displays, bulletin boards, posters and signs.
  • Maintains a clean and orderly environment. 
  • Coordinates volunteers and student assistants. 
  • Oversees library facility in absence of the Library Media Teacher. 
  • Assists with preparation of purchase orders for books, magazines, periodicals, or software for library use as directed by Library Media Teacher.
  • May assist with maintaining accurate financial and budget records as directed by Library Media Teacher.  Uses library automation to generate overdue notices, send bills, collect payments, and reconcile losses. 
  • Installs, troubleshoots, and upgrades library software. Installs and transfers files on library computers. Sets up library computer equipment.  
  • Assists with scheduling library use. 
  • Performs routine clerical and record keeping duties. 
  • Communicates with students, staff, parents and the public using tact, diplomacy and courtesy in sometimes confrontational or stressful situations. 
  • Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position. 
  • Requires the ability to comprehend and follow district safety plans, procedures, and policies and all other district standards and procedures.   
  • Knowledge and Skills Requires computer knowledge and skills and specialized knowledge of basic library methods, practices and terminology.
  • Must understand the Dewey Decimal System of classification and MARC record formatting.
  • Must be familiar with and able to use library automation cataloguing systems and records.
  • Must be able to organize and prioritize projects.
  • Must have sufficient communication skills to project a positive image and convey basic information to customers. 
Requires the ability to perform all of the duties of the position with only general supervision and support; must be able to perform many of the duties independently.
  • Requires the ability to follow detailed procedures.
  • Must be able to maintain a well organized and attractive library setting.
  • Must be able to apply and explain library rules, regulations and policies.
  • Must be able to monitor and maintain acceptable student behavior.
  • Requires the ability to deal courteously with library patrons including students, teachers, parents and members of the public.
  • Must be able to perform routine clerical and record keeping duties.
  • Must be able to adapt and learn new procedures and programs as implemented by the District.
  • Must be familiar with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Requires the ability to communicate with peers and other District staff or public in a manner reflecting positively on the department and District. 
Physical Abilities
  • Requires sufficient visual acuity to recognize letters and numbers;
  • hand-arm-eye coordination to use a personal computer keyboard;
  • ambulatory ability to walk, move carts, and regularly reach to shelves for placement of lightweight objects (less than 10 pounds);
  • ability to occasionally lift heavy objects (over 40 pounds);
  • hearing and speech ability to carry on conversations in person and over the phone. 
Education and Experience
  • Two years post-secondary education and one year of experience in a library or instructional setting. 
Licenses and Certificates
  • Depending upon assignment, a valid California driver’s license and/or first aid training may be required.
  • Library Technician Certificate desirable. 
Requirements for Applying
  • Two years post-secondary education and one year of experience in a library or instructional setting.
  • Resume and Letter of Introduction required.
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Resume

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