Monday, March 16, 2015

Sacramento - Community College League of California - Library Resources Consortium Director

Title: Assistant Director of District Services, Library Resources Consortium Director
Close date: April 3, 2015
For more information:  Please contact Gregg Atkins at Gregg Atkins or Kimi Shigetani at

Background requirements:
1. Education: Degree in relevant field preferred.
2. Relevant Experience:
  • At least two years experience in a California community college library or related field
  • Experience with or responsibility for electronic information resources in a library setting
  • Management or supervisory experience
  • Participation in regional, state and/or national professional associations
  • Experience handling complex contract and vendor negotiations
  • Leadership of groups or organizations

3. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Skill in organizing work, handling multiple projects simultaneously, meeting deadlines and working/coordinating well with others
  • Ability to write, format, edit and proof reports, announcements and correspondence
  • Proficient personal computer skills, including email, Microsoft Office Work, Excel and Access
  • Ability to manage a relational database and website
  • Ability to verbally communicate effectively with librarians, vendors and others

Position Responsibilities:
1. Policy Formulation: Has no involvement in formulating policy, but is responsible for making recommendations for appropriate changes or improvement in procedures.
2. Planning: Has some involvement in long-range planning related to the library consortium program and is responsible for the short-term planning necessary to accomplish the duties of the position.
3. Decision Authority: Does not have the authority to commit funds of the association beyond day-to-day expenses incurred in the conduct of responsibilities. Is expected, within established policy, to make appropriate decisions inherent in carrying out the position duties.
4. Budgetary Responsibilities: Has no responsibility for development of the association’s budget and its administration.

Position Relationships:
1. Membership: Interacts with association members through telephone conversations and  participation at association conferences.
2. League Boards: Has no interaction with members of the CCCT, CEOCCC and League Boards of Directors.
3. Government: Has no involvement with legislative and executive branch staff members and limited involvement with staff members of the System Office of the California Community Colleges.
4. Public: Has limited involvement with the public except in contacts made in carrying out the duties of the position.
5. Other Organizations: Has limited involvement with other organizations except in contacts made in carrying out the duties of the position.
6. Association Staff: Works closely with the fiscal services department staff .

Position Duties:
1. Work with Director of District Services or Vice President to develop, grow and improve the library consortium program.
2. Survey and analyze needs of libraries regarding electronic information databases, hardware and computer-based information resources.
3. Explore new information resources, options and tools which may be technologically feasible but currently not commercially available.
4. Analyze the effectiveness of various products for delivery of information services to library users based on vendor presentations, committee reviews, vendor responses and trials.
5. Serve as the primary negotiator for all resources offered through the CCL/CCLC library database cooperative purchasing program and review all vendor contracts.
6. Work in close coordination with the League staff in the preparation and distribution of all marketing materials to librarians.
7. Review all vendor contracts.
8. Assist the CCL Electronic Access and Resources Committee (EARC), including attending meetings and conferring regularly with the chair.
9. Recommend to EARC new electronic products for licensing and/or purchase and the renewal of products already supported by the consortium.
10. Disseminate EARC activities, information-gathering methods and decisions through the CCL listserv, and the CCEARINFO web page, the CCL Outlook, as well as other pertinent library discussion lists and sources.
11. Provide and/or coordinate workshops, training events and seminars for California community college librarians and library staff related to this program.
12. Attend Council of Chief Librarians board of directors meetings as necessary.
13. Identify and facilitate equity of access issues for electronic resources for all users (distance learners, remote learners, and users with disabilities).
14. Consult with other library consortia executives to promote programs of value to the California community colleges.
15. Issue special reports and other information as requested.

Other Characteristics:
1. Supervisory Responsibilities: None
2. Supervision Received: Receives direction from the Director of District Services or Vice President.

3. Physical Requirements: Ability to lift and move boxes of weight not exceeding 25 pounds.

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